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Gov. Scott’s Education Adviser in D.C. Test Score Scandal by Melissa Gridley

By Ralph De La Cruz, Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

These days, everything seems to be coming apart for Gov. Rick Scott.

Even his once-vaunted appointment of Michelle Rhee as his education adviser seems … well … unfortunate. Rhee, one of the stars of the film Waiting for Superman is a proponent of the corporatization of education — you know, the movement to fire and financially squeeze teachers, tie pay to test scores, and move schools toward privatization.

Today, Rhee’s very integrity is in question. Something to do with … how to put it? Cheating.

[Read the full text of De La Cruz’s article here or check out the USA Today article that started it all.]


Rick Scott Education Cuts Call for 20,000 Layoffs by Recall Rick Scott
February 21, 2011, 5:55 PM
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TALLAHASSEE | While promising to create a world-class education system, Gov. Rick Scott has simultaneously proposed the deepest cuts for Florida public schools by any governor in recent history.
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